Pioneering entrepreneurs and inventors: technical imagination and new technologies in the early patents system in Chile

This presentation analyzes the practices and representations made in the areas of industrial property in Chile between 1840 and 1880, in particular, in the field of patents and introduction, with special attention to the attitude of the inventors and domestic and foreign to technology and innovation in products and processes entrepreneurs. In this context, the problem of rising nine teenth century industrial competitiveness and the participation of the State in these matters in-novation is examined, using applications for patents and the testimonies of the agents involved as “discursive texts”. Also, the early use of terms in vogue today such as “design”, “entrepreneurship” and “innovation”. Finally, the emergence of a technical imagination that emphasized progress and that was also consistent with a tendency to imitation and adaptation of foreign technologies to the geomorphological conditions of the country.


  • Año de publicación: 2016
  • Idioma disponible: Inglés
  • Fuente: Making Trans / National Contemporary Design History. Wendy Siuyi Wong, Yuko Kikuchi, Tingyi S Lin (eds.), 318-323, Blucher
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