Key Variables in the Control of Color in the Textile Supply Chain

The purpose of this paper is to address the key variables that determine the level of control of color in a typical textile supply chain, including lighting variability, color perception, and color measurement. A fishbone diagram is used to demonstrate the wide range of variables that affect the control and communication of color within the textile supply chain.  It is important to identify the important parameters and variables that influence the control of color within various stages of the textile supply chain. In regard to visual assessment variability, the results obtained in an ongoing study at North Carolina State University based on the psychophysical testing of 50 observers demonstrate a statistical difference for visual judgments of small color differences between naïve and expert observers. Results of a paired t‐test between the second and the third trial conducted by naïve observers indicate that the repetition of the visual observations significantly affects the assessment of small color differences.

  • Año de publicación: 2009
  • Idioma disponible: Inglés
  • Fuente: Cárdenas, Lina Maria, Renzo Shamey y David Hinks. International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology 21, no. 5 (2009): 256-269
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