Distributed design: speculative prototypes for emergent scenarios

After a year and a half of working and generating a proper platform to host an intense and diverse event such as the International Conference and Symposium of FabLab Network, we are pleased to receive and welcome professionals, academics and fabers from all around the world to Santiago, Chile. It was an extraordinary challenge to organize Fab13, and we were finally able to make it happen thanks to the Chilean Government, amazing sponsors and an incredible team that worked really hard to offer the best experience to our guests. Chile is an insular and curious country; with more than four thousand kilometres in length and an average of a hundred eighty in width, it generates an intense territory with many different cultures crossed by all kind of climates and natural ecosystems. Today, thanks to technology, our chilean culture and society is becoming more and more integrated to the rest of the world, generating a sort of understanding to other alternative ways to grow as a country, society and community. This represents a natural trend that is proof of the idea of potentially being all connected, questioning the current model, opening a novel window to something else. The 13th International Fab Lab meeting will offer all of us an chance to understand the implications embedded within these ideas and question the systemic approach that fablabs insinuate.


  • Año de publicación: 2017
  • Idioma disponible: Inglés
  • Fuente: En Research Book Fabricating Society. 13th International Fab Lab Conference and Symposium, 18-27. Eds. Andrés Briceño y Tomás Vivanco. Santiago: Fundación DID.
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