Development of a Novel Linear Gray Scale for Visual Assessment of Small Color Differences

Visual assessment of small color differences between two textiles objects is critical and must be controlled to ensure consistency and quality. Most standard visual methods that quantify the magnitude of color difference perception employ a gray scale such as those used in AATCC and ISO standards. Unfortunately, large variability is obtained in practically all assessments that involve human sensory judgments. This study reports the development of a novel gray scale for the assessment of perceived magnitude of small color differences of chromatic or achromatic stimuli. It uses 10 discrete pairs of gray samples in a defined order of increasing contrast. Development, method of manufacture, and initial data are provided. Initial results show a significant reduction in perceptual assessment variability compared to current standard scales.

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  • Año de publicación: 2009
  • Idioma disponible: Inglés
  • Fuente: Cárdenas, Lina, Renzo Shamey y David Hinks. AATCC Review 9, no. 8, (2009): 42-47
  • Autor(es):